MongoDB as in huMONGOus, not retarded

Unlike the rest of the known world, I won’t write anything on the iPad. Yet. Instead, I’m still in the process of writing the upcoming parts of my Popurls Clone series and as per usual, it takes a lot more time than expected. In combination with a massive amount of bills, life is good! As it turns out, you actually need to “work” in order to get “money”. How, when and why did we agree upon that? That’s just as stupid as, say, doing a fully... Read More

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    My name is William and I'm a 30 year old developer/designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a love/hate relationship with PHP, I'm slightly aroused by jQuery and if I had the Adobe Flash IDE as a friend on Facebook, I'd label it as "it's complicated". This is my twelfth year as a freelance monkey. I prefer the term mercenary, but someone said it had a negative ring to it. Whatever. Oh, and I'm a Mac guy who loves his BacBook Pro in a somewhat unhealthy way.

    The font used for headings is Geometry Soft Pro as found on