A Popurls Clone with PHP, jQuery, Awesomeness

Good people of the Internets, I know a good deal of you frequently visit some sort of social website and/or aggregator such as Popurls, Reddit, Digg, Developer Zone, or what have you. After a deep and thorough analysis of my visitor statistics (read: pulling data out of my ass), many of you seem to like articles about PHP. This is not surprising, as PHP is a very popular (scripting) language. Then again, why anybody would want to read my incoherent ramblings is still a mystery... Read More

Hands-on tips for PHP security

I got asked to review a fairly large piece of PHP code recently and, whoooo boy, was I in for a treat (treat as in clawing my eyes out with a rusty spoon while listening to Nickelback, as interpreted by Dr Zoidberg. In reverse). This magnificent piece of code was an eye opener in many ways and it made me feel a little bit better about myself, to be honest. It employed not only what would be called “bad practice”, but also a lot of plain ol’ stupidity. I know... Read More

Random thoughts on JavaScript. Part one of who knows. The basics.

This is going to be some sort of article on JavaScript. I’m still not sure exactly what will come of this, which means that now is your time to turn back. I won’t give you any more chances! Here’s something to keep you entertained while you think it through. And you may have to increase the volume while you watch it as it is just that mind numbingly awesome. Still here? Cool. I wouldn’t be, but you know, to each his own. People much smarter and more patient... Read More

Flash, King of the Impossible

If you have been using a web browser to surf the Internet at any point in time since 1996 (thank you, Tim Berners-Lee), you’ve probably encountered Adobe Flash in one way or another. In short, you have. Be it a CPU hogging banner on your favorite news site or a special CPU hogging movie at your favorite web 2.0 porn site (you know it, I know it, the neighbour who steals your DSL knows it. Livejasmin.com is roughly #30 in Alexa’s ranking and PornHub’s at #55.... Read More

CSS3 pseudo-class selector emulation for IE 5.5 – 8 and html5 with video

While  gathering information as a part of my ongoing plan to be omniscient, if came across something that makes IE behave like a capable browser. Although to be fair, IE 8 is actually not that bad a browser – in the way that Star Wars Episodes 1-3 are not that bad. So, yeah, you do the math. I mean, Jar Jar. Pisses me off just thinking about it. Mr Keith Clark has been conjuring up some serious magic and created a way to emulate CSS3 pseudo-class selectors alongside the... Read More

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    My name is William and I'm a 30 year old developer/designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a love/hate relationship with PHP, I'm slightly aroused by jQuery and if I had the Adobe Flash IDE as a friend on Facebook, I'd label it as "it's complicated". This is my twelfth year as a freelance monkey. I prefer the term mercenary, but someone said it had a negative ring to it. Whatever. Oh, and I'm a Mac guy who loves his BacBook Pro in a somewhat unhealthy way.

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