Week 10 in review

Well, it’s time to sum up the week. Since this is my first sum-o-the-week, I really have no point of reference as to what to write here. I know, I know, today’s Monday and shouldn’t the week be summed up late Sunday? Well. Yes. But hear me out anyway. Please. I need my ego stroked and caressed. My basis for analysis is my very own Twitter feed, so, yes, it’s biased as hell. Deal with it.March 8 - PHPillow – OO wrapper for CouchDB http://bit.ly/cy5pix The... Read More

How-to: crack 1024 bit RSA encryption by clusterf*ck

Granted, it’s a how-to on a theoretical level, but still. The RSA algorithm is used for for public-key cryptography and was publicly described in 1978 by messieurs Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman (in case you read this before you’ve had your first cup of coffee of the day – the initials of their surnames spell RSA. You’re welcome). It was released to the public domain on the 6th of September, 2000. The abstract of the patent explains that what... Read More

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    My name is William and I'm a 30 year old developer/designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a love/hate relationship with PHP, I'm slightly aroused by jQuery and if I had the Adobe Flash IDE as a friend on Facebook, I'd label it as "it's complicated". This is my twelfth year as a freelance monkey. I prefer the term mercenary, but someone said it had a negative ring to it. Whatever. Oh, and I'm a Mac guy who loves his BacBook Pro in a somewhat unhealthy way.

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