A Popurls Clone with PHP, jQuery, Awesomeness

Good people of the Internets, I know a good deal of you frequently visit some sort of social website and/or aggregator such as Popurls, Reddit, Digg, Developer Zone, or what have you. After a deep and thorough analysis of my visitor statistics (read: pulling data out of my ass), many of you seem to like articles about PHP. This is not surprising, as PHP is a very popular (scripting) language. Then again, why anybody would want to read my incoherent ramblings is still a mystery... Read More

Week 10 in review

Well, it’s time to sum up the week. Since this is my first sum-o-the-week, I really have no point of reference as to what to write here. I know, I know, today’s Monday and shouldn’t the week be summed up late Sunday? Well. Yes. But hear me out anyway. Please. I need my ego stroked and caressed. My basis for analysis is my very own Twitter feed, so, yes, it’s biased as hell. Deal with it.March 8 - PHPillow – OO wrapper for CouchDB http://bit.ly/cy5pix The... Read More

Hands-on tips for PHP security

I got asked to review a fairly large piece of PHP code recently and, whoooo boy, was I in for a treat (treat as in clawing my eyes out with a rusty spoon while listening to Nickelback, as interpreted by Dr Zoidberg. In reverse). This magnificent piece of code was an eye opener in many ways and it made me feel a little bit better about myself, to be honest. It employed not only what would be called “bad practice”, but also a lot of plain ol’ stupidity. I know... Read More

Flash, King of the Impossible

If you have been using a web browser to surf the Internet at any point in time since 1996 (thank you, Tim Berners-Lee), you’ve probably encountered Adobe Flash in one way or another. In short, you have. Be it a CPU hogging banner on your favorite news site or a special CPU hogging movie at your favorite web 2.0 porn site (you know it, I know it, the neighbour who steals your DSL knows it. Livejasmin.com is roughly #30 in Alexa’s ranking and PornHub’s at #55.... Read More

CSS3 pseudo-class selector emulation for IE 5.5 – 8 and html5 with video

While  gathering information as a part of my ongoing plan to be omniscient, if came across something that makes IE behave like a capable browser. Although to be fair, IE 8 is actually not that bad a browser – in the way that Star Wars Episodes 1-3 are not that bad. So, yeah, you do the math. I mean, Jar Jar. Pisses me off just thinking about it. Mr Keith Clark has been conjuring up some serious magic and created a way to emulate CSS3 pseudo-class selectors alongside the... Read More

CSS typography is fun. Really. If you’re in to S&M

So I found this article over at Smashing Magazine dealing with CSS typography. It’s a nice write up of both current and upcoming features – depending on your browser of choice – that will allow you to do some text formatting that I remember doing with Aldus PageMaker. Good times. Nice to see that technology is progressing at a steady pace. Competent writer Inayaili de León does a fine job going through some common and some not-so-common features such as hyphenation,... Read More

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