CSS typography is fun. Really. If you’re in to S&M

So I found this article over at Smashing Magazine dealing with CSS typography. It’s a nice write up of both current and upcoming features – depending on your browser of choice – that will allow you to do some text formatting that I remember doing with Aldus PageMaker. Good times. Nice to see that technology is progressing at a steady pace. Competent writer Inayaili de León does a fine job going through some common and some not-so-common features such as hyphenation,... Read More

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    My name is William and I'm a 30 year old developer/designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a love/hate relationship with PHP, I'm slightly aroused by jQuery and if I had the Adobe Flash IDE as a friend on Facebook, I'd label it as "it's complicated". This is my twelfth year as a freelance monkey. I prefer the term mercenary, but someone said it had a negative ring to it. Whatever. Oh, and I'm a Mac guy who loves his BacBook Pro in a somewhat unhealthy way.

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