Week 10 in review

Well, it’s time to sum up the week. Since this is my first sum-o-the-week, I really have no point of reference as to what to write here. I know, I know, today’s Monday and shouldn’t the week be summed up late Sunday? Well. Yes. But hear me out anyway. Please. I need my ego stroked and caressed. My basis for analysis is my very own Twitter feed, so, yes, it’s biased as hell. Deal with it.March 8 - PHPillow – OO wrapper for CouchDB http://bit.ly/cy5pix The... Read More

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  • What is this?

    My name is William and I'm a 30 year old developer/designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a love/hate relationship with PHP, I'm slightly aroused by jQuery and if I had the Adobe Flash IDE as a friend on Facebook, I'd label it as "it's complicated". This is my twelfth year as a freelance monkey. I prefer the term mercenary, but someone said it had a negative ring to it. Whatever. Oh, and I'm a Mac guy who loves his BacBook Pro in a somewhat unhealthy way.

    The font used for headings is Geometry Soft Pro as found on dafont.com.